sushi music rules – are quite simple:
Each piece of music needs to be done in one day. 24h from the initial idea to a final upload to this website. That makes some parts sounding sloppy but I love the creative pressure behind the concept.


Biffy Clyro

Biffy Clyro I heard them in an interview in a German Radio Show during their tour in June 2016. I liked the guys and was thrilled to hear a piece of their Music but the track that had been played by the station that day was not their best outcome I guess. After listen...
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Big Wreck: Ghosts

A good friend told me about Big Wreck years ago but I didn't listen. If I had done so I would be able to look back on years full of rich and special music. The main characteristic of Big Wreck is the cool & unusual mix of music styles and genres. A Pink Floyd...
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Steven Wilson: Hand. Cannot. Erase.

I have been a Steven Wilson fan for years but this album is a killer. I saw him three times performing this album and it is always a very intense time to experience Steven's music. I call this a must have piece of music if you're not made out of stone you should see...
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The Winery Dogs: First Album

To be honest I was really surprised because the first time I listened to this record my brain had to deal with total missleaded expectations. Yes it's a super group formed by three of the most advanced musicians and I highly respect their technical skills on their...
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